Bergenwood is a site that is dedicated to informing everyone about the Bergen International Wood Festival. This is a yearly festival that takes place in Bergen each year. It has been in operation for the past several years and has grown in leaps and bounds in its popularity. What this festival has to offer is so important that this site is designed to spread the word about it so it is wide reaching as this festival opens its doors to the world.

It is an exciting event not only for those who step up to the challenge of the wood building competition that makes up part of the festival, but also for the spectators. Throughout the posts here you are going to learn why the Bergen International Wood Festival is so important not only to many different industries but also the creative arts field. You are going to see how the use of wood affects the lifestyle of the population of the world, and all this is highlighted at the festival.

This site is dedicated to talking about not only what the festival offers and its past experiences, but its more current ones, and what type of impact it will continue to have. Hopefully with the information provided here you will someday be encouraged to attend the festival and spread the word about it.

You are certainly going to have a new respect for the use of wood and be most impressed with the competition with its use that takes place in Bergen. It is a festival that allows those who participate to show off their creativity. You will want to review some of the experiences of those that have participated in the festival, so you can be further encouraged to follow and become involved in not only this festival but others that may be present in other parts of the world.