How Does Wood Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

How Does Wood Fit Into Your LifestyleAll one has to do is take a look around them and chances are they will see something that is made of wood. In fact, there are so many wooden constructions and other objects that individuals are subjected to on a daily basis that many have come to take this commodity for granted. It is true that wood has been replaced with many other forms of materials, but its not too often that any type of comparison is made as to what impact this has had on a person’s lifestyle.

The importance of wood can never be under estimated. In order to ensure that this does not happen there are some very important events that take place each year to retain the focus on the importance of wood. A good example of such an event is the Bergen International Wood Festival.

This is a festival that brings competitors together who believe that they have the talent for constructing an award winning wooden structure in a given amount of time, following some rules and regulations. What makes this festival even more intriguing is that it draws interest and participation from many different industries such as designers, architects and the creative arts, just as an example. When you look at these categories of participants each of them have an impact on lifestyle.

Wood is well known for its structural capabilities. This is noted in the building of homes and buildings. It also plays an important role in the large gambit of furniture that is used within these structures. While the Bergen International Wood Festival recognizes this, it takes the use of wood even further. It has introduced its use within the creative arts industry. It is amazing to see some of the artistic structures that are completed by the participants of the festival. Bergen retains ownership of the completed pieces so they can be kept for viewing.

Attending the festival just as a spectator or even visiting Bergen after the festival is a real eye opener as to how wood can and does fit in with the average lifestyle. It brings back to mind the importance of this material but also broadens one’s thinking of how it fits in artistically.

Every year the festival continues to grows and is the host for both participants and spectators from around the world. Many that have visited it try their best to make it a yearly event for attending.

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