What’s Happening with the Bergenwood International Wood Festival?

Bergenwood International Wood FestivalIf you’ve never heard about the Bergenwood International Wood Festival then it really is something that you may want to learn about. This is a festival that puts all of their attention on the use of wood and what its components are capable of. It is as you can guess from the name the main material that is used in this festival. Participants focus on the construction as well as the structure and the tactile capabilities of this medium.

The main focus is on spatial structures that are designed in wood. There are many that take part in this festival that range from designers and artists as well as architects, and those that are into wood crafting including students. Attendees come from many different parts of the world.

Bergen is the city that is situated in Hordaland which is found on the west coast of Norway, and the population that resides here makes Bergen the second largest city to be found in Norway.

The Bergenwood International Wood Festival has become a very important venue for this city. The main focus of the festival is to encourage individuals to gain more education and inspiration when it comes to the use of wood. It is intended to target developers and the business community on a whole to see the many advantages that this type of material has to offer.

The festival is well planned out and based on its previous years of success, and continues to grow not only in participants but attendees as well. Designated areas are determined as to where the building will take place. These are assigned to the teams that will be participating. If an individual does have a wish for a specific area then consideration will be given to this.

The rules and regulations in place are quite flexible but those that do exist must be adhered to.

There is no restrictions put on the height and length of the build but a priority is that it must be stable, and this must be proven before permission is given to proceed with the build.

Another criteria is that any structures that are being built by the teams must be free standing. In no way they can be fixed to the ground. Teams are given a specific amount of time each day to go about their work, and the materials that are needed are delivered to the individual construction sites. In order to qualify, the teams must have a well-planned concept to proceed with as well as a model, and sketches to back up their project. These must be presented to the committee that is responsible for organizing the festival. Included they must also specify the materials that are going to be needed.

Another thing that teams will need to realize is that the structures once they have been completed no matter where they are placed in the assessment by the International jury, will become the property of Bergen. The sites will house the constructions for a four week period. If requirements dictate then the structures will be reinforced as well as re-positioned and lit if feasible so that they can remain on display.

The teams will be comprised of three individuals. Invitations are sent out both nationally and internationally to various entities that specialize in architecture as well as the fine arts and design. In previous years there have been 32 different countries that have participated and it is expected in 2016 that there will be 24 teams that will be involved. For those that are traveling from other regions the festival picks up the cost for food and accommodation and will make the necessary arrangements for transportation while in Bergen. Getting to the city of Bergen however is a responsibility of the participants.

Each year festival organizers has implemented a specific theme and a designated site. For the 2016 festival it will be taking place in the Bergen City Centre. This may present a bit of a challenge to the participants as the area is open to the public during the construction phase which means that teams must be extra cautious in their site location at keeping it safe and tidy. As a part of the festival it also includes a conference which can prove to be most valuable not only to the participants but the business community in general. The theme that the 2016 festival will be built on is the «Green Transition.»

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