How Bergen International Wood Festival Influences Lifestyles?

Bergen International Wood FestivalFor those that are not familiar with the Bergen International Wood Festival, it is an event that challenges participants to be creative with wood. It is an event that is held every year, and over the past several years since its existence has grown not only nationally but globally.

This festival provides very important benefits. In fact, the outcome of the structures that are produced can have a dramatic impact on the lifestyle of society in general. Over the decades wood has never really received any recognition for much beyond its structural capabilities. As its know, wood plays an extremely important role in the construction industry. Its use for building homes definitely has an impact on lifestyle, but it can go beyond this.

Wood is also often used in the construction of furniture which is widely used to some extent by almost everyone. Perhaps where wood has not been recognized is its potential use in an artistic form. If this becomes more recognizable then it would definitely have an even larger impact on the lifestyle of many.

The Bergen International Wood Festival is very astute at opening up the doors of creativity when it comes to using wood as the artistic medium. However, the rules for the competition that makes up this festival are quite flexible. The structures that are composed can range from being a simple artistic piece to being a structure that has some functionality to it.

One of the rules that is in place insists that the structure cannot be anchored to the ground. It also becomes the property of Bergen, and the city likes to keep the festival’s masterpieces on display for a year.

The festival has really created the atmosphere of Bergen being a wood city. This truly allows spectators to see how the use of wood can be intricately woven into a lifestyle. This festival challenges all those who are interested in using wood both in a cultural setting as well as in the various industries.

It is really hard to phantom just what can be done with wood until one has attended the Bergen International Wood Festival. It not only challenges the creativity of many related industries but allows those in the arts to be experimental. It allows those who participate to push their talents to a whole new level with a commodity such as wood, that in the past has been far too restricted in its potential uses.

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