BIWF 2006


Artists, designers and architects, professionals and students, were invited to participate in a competition to create and build the most exciting spatial wooden structure. As many as 24 teams participated and 22 different nations were represented. The competition took place at Bergenhus Fortress in Bergen, Norway, in the last two weeks of May 2006. The finished works were exhibited at the same place for three weeks. 

Photo: Pål Hoff

The objective of the Wood Festival was to challenge national and international expertise with experimenting and developing unique formations and structures from wooden material. The constructive and moulding properties of the tree was to be tried out, with focus on new and exciting utilization of the material. Historically, the use of wood is solidly embellished in Norwegian tradition, for exteriors as well as interiors, providing characteristic features to our architecture and design. The Wood Festival intended to investigate and inspire further development of these qualities.

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